Monday, March 30, 2015

Do You Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is an online webmix tool that allows you to organize your bookmarks into an attractive and easy to access group of tiles.  How does it work?  Once you have signed up (for FREE), you can search for previously created webmixes or make your own.  When making your own webmixes, you can search for tiles (links to websites already created by other users) or make you own using Symbaloo or personally provided graphics.  With color coding and the ability to include a name on each tile, organization is both easy and intuitive.  Some of the other features that make Symbaloo attractive include the following:

  • Ability to create and organize multiple webmixes
  • Ability to share webmixes via Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to embed webmixes into a blog or Google Site (this is one of my favorite options)
  • Ability to make webmixes public or private (could be of use for schools)
  • Presence of an active Teacher Forum for educators
On April 9, 2013, a new version of Symbaloo will be released and it promises to be even easier to use than the current release.  Check back for updated tutorials a couple of weeks after the new release!

In the meantime, use the tutorial below to help you get started with your first Symbaloo!

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  1. Hi, Just followed from your stemx page to here. I thought I'd add the same comment (if that's OK).

    I'm looking forward to your stemx session, we're big fans of Symbaloo. Here's a webmix by Science4Us for K-2nd. Feel free to share it around.

    The two educational services that we've created are:
    A K-2nd Science Curriculum, 5E Model. Very ambitious. It might be useful in your school's science methods clases:

    A word study program that is now commonly used in schools.